how to contribute to community and be an IBM Z Ambassador

Hello everyone, I am selected as an IBM Z ambassador for the session 2020–2021. I will be sharing about IBM Z and how to contribute to the community?

IBM Z offers rich communities, business, and technical experts, blogs, and forums to exchange ideas, connect through shared interests, and develop expertise.

What is IBM MTM?

Master the Mainframe is a fun way to get hands-on experience across a variety of technologies, to develop valuable skills, and to earn digital badges — with no prior knowledge required!

  • Part 1: Learn the basics of navigation, files, and programs.
  • Part 2: Practice programming languages, operating systems, and technologies.
  • Part 3: Participate in real-world challenges.

What to do

  • Build the IBM Z student community.
  • Spread the word about Master and Mainframe (MTM) and other learning opportunities with members of their campus communities.
  • Advocate for IBM Z Enterprise Computing.

How to apply?


IBM Z mainframe servers and their operating systems are the foundation for trusted digital experiences. IBM Z Ambassadors are volunteers who play a key role in the IBM Z student community. Our ZAmbassadors help:


Visit the official site of IBM Z Ambassador and apply for the Z Ambassador program.

If your application got selected then you will receive a mail for the interview process which will consist of three questions related to your leadership quality and how you will promote IBM MTM in your college?

Once you have done both the process then your application will be reviewed by the team. After a week you will get to know about your application status through the mail.

Yes!! you did it you have been selected as a Z Ambassador by IBM. To kick start your journey you will get kickoff invitation mail and to meet more ambassadors around the world and start your new journey.

You can connect with on LinkedIn or through mail

Saksham Taneja
IBM ZAmbassador

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Community Intern @ Skillenza | PM enthusiast

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